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Why events go to the wrong <DIV> after alert (in Netacape)?

Apr 5th, 2008 19:37
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Aija Berzina,

Without actually seeing the code it is difficult to pinpoint a
particular problem, however, in a general sense, there area  number of
issues that you may want to look at. 
Make sure that the name used as an ID for a DIV is constant throughout. 
It is much neater to use arrays of objects when working with documents
in JavaScript, but it can be frustrating trying to refer to the correct
object inside the array. Simple things like starting arrays at 1 instead
of 0, referring to the incorrect array number, thinking you have it
right,  not looping through arrays correctly, not calling the correct
array and so on will cause problems. Often, no matter how careful we
are, it is these simple things we miss. 
Just as often though we miss something spectacular, like we refer to an
object in the document, not realising that the script is counting
something we are not. The script performs wrong, because we have told it
a set of conditions should exist, but because of something we have
missed, those conditions only exist when the page is first loaded. If
reloaded, the conditions can actually change, for whatever reason, like
where is the page being reloaded from? Is it reloading from the server
or the local machine? This can sometimes play havoc with a script. 
Sorry I cant be more specific, but good luck anyway.