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can we run .exe file on server through asp
i have a vb .exe file with some functionality. and i want to invoke it through the asp page. what is
running .exe file from .asp page, it pop up in task manager but atay there and nothing happened
running .exe file from .asp page, it pop up in task manager but stay there and nothing happened
How to run a batch file on client pc through ASP

Aug 12th, 2005 10:28
Chris Hafner, Yap Sy Yuan, Steven W, Jean Chen, Robin Paardekam, Mark Grimes, ashutosh sharma, Pravi, maysa bosila,

Hello Together
I would suggest you do make a RemoteCall through WMI on the server-
side, invoking a program on the according client.
Some sample code (VB.NET):
---- code begin ----
Private Function _RemoteCall(ByVal ComputerName As String, ByVal 
Application As String, ByVal WorkingDirectory As String, ByVal Username 
As String, ByVal Password As String, ByRef ProcessID As Integer) As 
        Dim Service As SWbemServices
        'Der Service eines remote Comuters wird eingeholt
        _RemoteCall = Connect_Server(ComputerName, Username, Password, 
        If _RemoteCall <> 0 Then
            Return _RemoteCall
        End If
        Dim Proc As Object 'As SWbemObject
            'Einholen aller Processes auf dem remote Computer
            Proc = Service.Get("Win32_Process")
            'TODO: Enablen!!
        Catch ex As Exception
            _RemoteCall = 102
            Return _RemoteCall
        End Try
        Dim oInPar, oOutPar As SWbemObject
        'Try this
        Dim ID As UInt32
        ' Set the Create Method
        Dim oMethodSet As SWbemMethodSet
        oMethodSet = Proc.Methods_
        'Dim oMethod As SWbemMethod = Proc.Methods_.Item("Create")
        Dim oMethod As Object = Proc.Methods_("Create")
        'Create a new Instance
        oInPar = oMethod.InParameters.SpawnInstance_()
        'Set the CommandLine 
        oInPar.CommandLine = Application
        If WorkingDirectory <> "" Then
            oInPar.CurrentDirectory = WorkingDirectory
        End If
        'Create the Process 
        oOutPar = Proc.ExecMethod_("Create", oInPar)
        'return the Values returned
        'This Returnvalue only represents the Errors returned during 
the Creation of the Process
        _RemoteCall = oOutPar.ReturnValue
        'The by Ref Variable is set here. Returns the ID of the Created 
            ProcessID = oOutPar.ProcessId
        Catch ex As InvalidCastException
            ProcessID = -1
        End Try
        Return _RemoteCall
    End Function
---- code end ----
Hope that helps.
Best regards 

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