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How can I force Netscape to display the start of text in a textarea instead of the end?

Apr 5th, 2008 20:03
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Danny C,

I cannot say there is no answer to this issue, but I can say that the
"problem" occurs when the text written is larger than the area given to
the text area. I do not understand why there is an issue here as scroll
bars automatically appear when the text written is larger than the space
available to it. It is a simple matter for the user to scroll up to the
start of the textarea. 
What is happening is the text is being written to the textarea, and
after it has finished writing you cannot reset the cursor to the start
of the textarea when the text exceeds the textarea. I have not found a
solution, and I am not sure there is one, but then someone better than
me may be willing to find one.