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How can i install python as a scripting or cgi language for iis on win2000 server?

Aug 29th, 2001 07:41
Andrew Clover, fan zhang,

Go to Administrative tools > Internet Services Manager. Open the 
properties on the server you want to change, or the Master WWW 
Properties on the machine name for all of them. On the Home Directory 
tab, click the Configuration button.
You will get a list of file handlers. If it's not nearly empty and you 
haven't been keeping up with your patches, your server is probably 
vulnerable to all sorts of horrible things - delete any extensions you 
don't plan to be using. Click on Add.
  Executable: "C:\Program Files\Python\python.exe" -u "%s" "%s"
  Extension: .py
Change the extension and path-to-Python to suit your installation. But 
the -u and quotes are important and can quietly bite you in the future 
if you forget them.