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Only if I restart apache I get the changed file, it just goes not check if a file is changed, help?

Nov 15th, 2001 20:33
Anthony Boyd, Ar Schat,

I'm not sure why restarting Apache would fix what is usually a browser  
problem.  But I'll give solutions for both.  First, the browser:
In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu.  Select "Internet Options" 
and then click the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files 
box.  Under the text "Check for newer versions of stored pages" check 
the radio button for "Every visit to the page".
That should solve it.  If not, it is possible that Apache's httpd.conf 
file has the following line:
What you would want to do is comment that line out, save the file, and 
restart the server:
That's it.  Then the server should give back fresh pages.  Really, this 
shouldn't be a problem in the first place.  I suspect the browser is 
the problem.  But try it if you need to.