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how can we get LCIDs

Mar 2nd, 2002 15:02
William, devunoori kishan,

A locale identifier determines time-zone and language rules for the 
system. The LCID property specifies the system's locale identifier, 
which will be used to display content. LCID uniquely identifies one of 
the installed system-defined locales. If a location has not been 
installed, it cannot be set.
To set the LCID to U.S. English, use:
<% Session.LCID = 1033 %>
This also happens to be the default value for the LCID property for 
servers installed in the US, meaning you don't have to explicitly set 
it. The various LCID values are usually defined in the documentation as 
hexadecimal values. You must convert these values to a decimal value to 
use when setting the LCID property.

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