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Is there a way to change the mouse pointer with a different image while in a browser window?

Apr 5th, 2008 20:09
ha mo, Jean-Bernard Valentaten, Colin Fraser, mike hemphill,

> I would suggest this is beyond the present capabilities of 
> javascript. 
Well I can't totally agree with that.
Let's put it that way, it is theoretically possible.
Basically you could define a div (or layer), that will take the 
position of the mouse-pointer, but the mouse-pointer will then still be 
visible. That will remain that way, as long as the browsers do not 
interpret CSS2 completely.
But as soon as all the browsers interpret CSS2 it will be possible 
(well then you won't need any JS for that anymore, since you'll be able 
to tell the browser where to get the bitmap for the pointer).
So practically Colin is right, but it will soon be possible.
> Consider it this way, Javascrip is a "client-side" scripting 
> language, so why would it have the capabilty of taking control of a 
> user's computer long enough to change the pointer? Next thing you 
> know you will want to dump something onto the user's computer, like a 
> file or something, automatically, so what is to prevent someone else 
> writing a file which deletes win.exe or user.dat and user.da0 or 
> someother insidious action.
That has nothing to do with the question colin. :)