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How can I include an ASP page in another ASP page with QUERY STRING.

Mar 12th, 2003 12:57
Chris White, Yves Goldberg,

to include 1 asp page in another use #include, e.g.
<!-- #include file="page2.asp -->
unfortunatly these includes are determined at compile time, so the line
<!-- #include file=Request.QueryString("page") -->
would not work as at compile time, the Request object is not available 
to the compiler.
The only way around this is to use a select case statement in your 
code, e.g.
page = Request.QueryString("page")
select case page
  case "page1"
    <!-- #include file="page1.asp" -->
  case "page2"
    <!-- #include file="page2.asp" -->
  case "page3"
    <!-- #include file="page3.asp" -->
  case else
    <!-- #include file="page4.asp" -->
end select
Note this method is no different than just having all the code from 
pages 1-4 pasted in between the case statements, and will not save any 
compile time of the ASP page.

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