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What is NS4 equivalent for this IE specific Javascript -- "window.document.getElementsByTagName"

Apr 5th, 2008 20:11
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Baichung Bhutia,

I am not sure there actually ever was an equivelent in NS4. (This may be
wrong of course, but I don't think so.) As far as I am aware, most of
the IE specific methods and functions have no equivelent or are not
useable by anything earlier than Netscape v6.x 
The reason for this appears to be that the DOM introduced from the Dark
Side was never designed to allow cross browser use, and Netscape got
caught short. Even now, Mozilla does not implement much of the Dark
Side's DOM even though IE is based upon Mozilla's code. 
This is not a matter of the child outgrowing the parent and helping the
siblings along, but I suspect is a deliberate attempt at preventing
anything other than the standards set by Bill's band of thugs as being
"the" standards.