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Javascript crashes NS4.5 with an illegal operation

Apr 5th, 2008 20:15
ha mo, Sylvain Chopard, Colin Fraser,

Is NN crashing before or after it is running a script? 
- sometimes before, sometimes during execution, sometimes after.. but
  crashes every times max 20-30 sec after page is loaded.
Or is it just 
crashing after starting up? Your description is a little vague here. 
Firslty reinstall NN, then see if you can download and use NBetscape 
v6.1, I understand they have fixed the problems they had in Netscape 6. 
- This is a corporate version of NN 4.5 and can therefore not be   
  upgraded. Tried to run the script on several workstations with same
  result everywhere
The next thing you may want to do is to run the script in different 
browsers, does it work in one but not another? Use NN4.7x, N6.1, IE4.x 
IE5.x and Opera. See what results you get.
- script runs perfectly with IE 5
- The script generates selection lists with options dynamically.  
  Depending on what option was selected in a previous list, next 
  picklists will be dynamically updated.