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How do I pass a variable to a new window, and use that varialbe in the new window?

Apr 5th, 2008 20:18
ha mo, sato eric, Scott Davis, Jean-Bernard Valentaten, Darton Williams,

> There are a couple of options. I'm assuming that the variables you 
> want to pass are text entered into a form, but even if they're 
> variables that are dynamically set by your script the following still 
> applies, because you can set the value of a hidden form field and get 
> the same effect.
> (1) You can pass the variable in the URL and parse it using 
> document.URL, which is a bit of a pain.
> (2) You can access the opener's form elements by doing the following:
> In the initial page (the opener), use a standard
>      function openWin()
> 	     {
> 		myWindow =
>('blah2.html', 'newWindow','width=400,height=200,'+
> 'status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no');
>	     }
>and a form
>     <FORM name="myForm">
>     <input type="text" name="text1">
>     <input type="button" value="Open Window" onClick="openWin()">
>     </FORM>
>Then in the body of your new window (blah2.html here), use the 
>following syntax:
>     var textField = window.opener.document.myForm.text1.value;
>     document.write(textField);
> This same method can be used to set the value of a form field within 
> the new window, etc. This works in both Netscape and IE.
Or you could simply access the variable with the opener-property.
Let's say you have a var called myVar. It should be declared like this:
<script language="JavaScript">
  var myVar = 'I\'ve got something to say';
Now you open a new window (see above). In this window you can access 
the var myVar like this:
<script language="JavaScript">
  var myVar2 = opener.myVar;
That is the fastest and easiest way.
Killer, and thanks.  I just happend to figure out both last night after 
a late one.  I used both the form read (hidden) and var read 
The problem I was haing was that I wanted to read a VARIABLE not a 
CONSTANT.  For some reason, the only way I was able to get a VAR read 
was to use the FORM method.  It seems (maybe my syntax is off?) that 
when I passed my variable to a var before the I had trouble 
reading that var.  I had much better luck with the form read.
### Here is what I wanted: (in psudo-code)
choose URL [a, b, c]; store choice; open new win (html_doc); access 
opener.choice from html_doc; display opener.choice as an image.
From what I read (thanks again) it appears that both methods, var and 
input (form) storage/retrieval should work.  However, like I said only 
the form method was working for me.  (again syntax?)  I will continue 
to try methods unitl I get what I am looking for.
Thanks again for the great answers!
See you out there...
But anyone of you know how to send a variable from new window to caller