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My ISP blocks port 80. So I can get to my webpage but no one else can. MacOSX. Help Please

Aug 18th, 2002 16:11
paul w, Anthony Boyd, Tom Battersby,

The easy way is to upgrade your account with your ISP.  For a little 
more, they'll give you an account that allows servers.  Problem solved.
However, if you really, really want to try this, you can try to put 
Apache on some other port and see what happens.  On Mac OSX, the Apache 
configs are in /etc/httpd.  Grab the httpd.conf file, and scroll down 
to the part with the line:
Port 80
Change that to be Port 81, or Port 8080, or whatever.  Then scroll way 
down until you find this line:
Listen 80
And change that to the same number you used for the "Port" line.  Then 
restart Apache.  Now, enter the port number as part of the URL in your 
Web browser.  Like this:
If it's working, then you can try it from the outside world.  If one 
port doesn't work, try another.  Note that the odds are good that your 
ISP isn't going to make this easy for you unless you pay more.
Further to the above answer I am using the web site to 
help direct to my home server when online. May be it will be of help to 
you too