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Im so new have very small amount of know how. How & where to install cgi scripts

Nov 15th, 2001 17:31
Anthony Boyd, Michael Holtz,

This depends on what Operating System you're using.  On Windows, Apache 
typically installs into the "Program Files" folder on your C drive.  
You'll find a folder called "cgi-bin" buried in the Apache folders, and 
you should place your CGI programs there.
On Linux/Unix, just try "which apache" or "whereis apache" to get the 
path.  It will give you something like this:
Then just "cd" into that directory, and type "ls" to see if there is 
a "cgi-bin" directory.  If so, cd into that and put your files there.
Sometimes the cgi-bin can also be inside the "htdocs" folder, so you 
can look for it in there if it's nowhere else.  That's a wee bit 
insecure for it to be running like that, though.  So I hope it's not 
set up that way for you.  Good luck.