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How do I combine and edit the MPEG clips produced by the Mavica?
How do I combine and edit MPEG video clips from Sony Mavica cameras?

Aug 22nd, 2001 10:47
Stuart Whitmore, http://www.mainconcept.com/

One way to edit the clips is by hand -- you can obtain a free
hex editor from one of the many shareware/freeware sites on
the Web and use the information found via the "Editing Mavica
MPEGs by Hand" link (in the Digital Cameras | Sony folder).
Another approach is to use a software package specifically
for editing MPEGs.  Unfortunately, the .MPG files created by
the Mavica are not recognized in a lot of MPEG editing
software packages.  It is a time-consuming process to download
large trial versions only to find out they don't work with
the Mavica MPEG files.
A software package that does recognize the .MPG files from
the Mavica is MainActor from MainConcept.  It offers many
features for combining the MPEGs (and much more -- for
example, you can strip off the audio and put a different
sound track on).