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Apache was installed with my Linux OS. I cannot access "localhost" or ""
Have installed apache with rpm - ./httpd start works OK. But browser (netscape and lynx) does not d

Nov 16th, 2001 00:25
Anthony Boyd, Darryl Philip, Justyna Lubkowski,

Some distributions of Linux will install Apache but not enable it by 
default.  To start Apache, begin by typing "which apache" or "whereis 
apache" on the command line.  That should tell you where it is, 
probably some place such as this:
The next step is to cd into that directory, and then "cd bin" to get 
into Apache's binary directory.  Then try issuing this command:
./apachectl graceful
It should say "httpd restarted" or "httpd started".  If it gives you an 
error, and you still can't connect to localhost, try this:
./apachectl start
Assuming one of the two commands worked, you should now be able to 
connect to localhost.