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I get error 301 when going to subdirectories. What's wrong?

Nov 16th, 2001 14:47
Anthony Boyd, Andrei Boulgakov,

Answer: something.  Server's don't usually return that code.
The 301 code means "Moved Permanently" and usually instead of this 
error you get a 404 "File Not Found" or a redirect.
In any case, the underlying problem is that the subdirectories don't 
exist.  A 301 error is supposed to come with a link to the "new" home 
for that directory or file.  You could try telnetting to port 80, and 
enter this text, followed by 2 returns (hit enter twice):
GET /path/to/subdir HTTP/1.0
It should show you the 301 response code, and any URL that you're 
supposed to be redirected to.  That may tell you where your directories 
disappeared to.  But I suspect the 301 code won't have any new URL for 
you.  The server sounds misconfigured.