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How do I print reports/documents using python?

Sep 14th, 2001 20:04

Kevin Dahlhausen, Beverly Dolor

It depends on what you want to publish to.  HTML is easy to generate 
from Python.  There are many templating systems (PMZ - poor man's zope 
for example) that allow you to mix html and python code.  For nicer 
output, try:
Report Lab
The Open Source ReportLab Library is a package of python modules used 
to create PDF documents available for free download and unrestricted 
use. The package includes extensive documentation and examples. Create 
PDF documents using simple Python programs that use the package. 
PIDDLE aka SPING supports 2D graphics and text output to screen 
graphics (e.g. QuickDraw, Windows, Tk) as well as file output 
(PostScript, PDF, GIF, etc.).
A clean marktup language that outputs HTML, SGML (docbook) and Lout 
(for postscript and pdf). 
Python library for creating high quality Encapsulated Postscript or PDF 
PDFLIB - commercial PDF library
Dinu Gherman's Python Pages
Has many examples showing the use of the above libraries.

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