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How do I delete one Option in select box in IE ?

Jan 9th, 2002 21:48
Suban Asif, Guest, Suban Asif

Set the option which you want to delete to 'null'.For example, you 
have a form with name 'frmTest' and a Combo box as 'cboTest'.If you 
want third option of this selection box to be removed, then wirte 
 <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
  document.frmTest.cboTest.options[2] = null;
<FORM name="frmTest">
 <SELECT name="cboTest">
  <OPTION value="1">Option 1
  <OPTION value="2">Option 2
  <OPTION value="3">Option 3
  <OPTION value="4">Option 4