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How do I find out the name of the Domain Controller on the user's machine?

Apr 5th, 2008 20:42
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Brock Sperryn,

For starters, in what context were you wanting to look up a domain 
I am thinking abpout the domain controller found in Windows NT and 
Win2K here. 
As far as I am aware, this is beyond the capabilities of Javascript to 
do, but I doubt it would work anyway, with any low level programming 
tool, you need to deliberately hack into it. The domain controller 
began life in Windows NT as a resource management tool, it went on to 
be more fully developed in Win2K, but its importance to the system grew 
accordingly. Despite repeated denials by Microsoft, they still managed 
to make a mess of it and left the domain controller vulnerable, but 
how, I have no idea. This url may be of some benefit to your question.
Another kind of domain controller is found in SAMBA. 
You can also use Samba to build a domain name controller, try this 
adddress to tell you how 
which opens with the paragraph:
"Domain Controller
Microsoft's concept of a Primary Domain Controller is most useful, as 
it simplifies a number of network administration chores. It provides 
a "single sign-on", storing information about domain users, and 
providing user authentication. User's profiles are stored on the PDC; 
the PDC handles all authentication requests, allowing users to access 
different services in the domain without needing multiple 
authentications. "
So you can see where Microsoft will be a little sensitive about 
security questions. 
Both these articles may be helpful. 
There is also the domain name controllers, the various domain 
registration organizations that you can register your domain name with. 
Pick which one you want.