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Can't load php_oci8.dll in Windows2000, Oracle 8.1.6, Apache 1.3.20, and PHP 4.0.6.

Nov 7th, 2001 00:48
Sally Greenaway, Heri Waluyo,

I had this very same problem and it took me ages to work out what was 
The solution is very simple though ...
in the php.ini file, under the :windows extensions section there are 
two parameters that refer to Oracle.  extension=php_oci8.dll and 
extension=php_oracle.dll.  If both of these parameters are uncommented 
then a confliction will occur and the dll will not be loaded 
Try uncommenting extension=php_oracle.dll (This is for use with earlier 
versions of Oracle, i.e. 7) save the ini and try running a php page 
There may be a requirement to re-start your computer so the updated ini 
file can be re-initialised.