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In Apache 1.3.22, </Directory> is invalid in httpd.conf. Apache won't start, why?

Nov 16th, 2001 01:37
Anthony Boyd, Tom Geyer,

More of your httpd.conf file needs to be seen.  But I know you can't 
post it all, questions have to be short.  So, here are some guesses:
 * Your <Directory> tag references a directory that doesn't exist.
   For instance, it could look like this: <Directory /usr/local/htdocs>
   But the correct path could be: <Directory /usr/local/apache/htdocs>
 * You have an extra </Directory> tag.  Perhaps you removed some
   directory-specific tags, but forgot to remove the closing tag?
 * Your opening <Directory> tag accidentally has the closing slash
   in it for some reason, so it looks like </Directory>
 * The <Directory> points to a directory that is completely closed,
   perhaps with root as owner and permissions set to rw-------
Try addressing the issues I mentioned in that order.  Hope it's the 
first issue, because the other 3 are difficult to clean up.