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How can I fill in fields in WinWord from PHP variables

Nov 27th, 2008 09:02
healthy man, dman, Ayse Geertsma, Vadim Kiparenko, Robert Dill, http://www.ttnr.org

There are many ways. The easy way: Let PHP fill a database (MySQL, 
textfile or Microsoft Access if you want) and let Word read the 
database. If you want Word to read MySQL I think you should use ODBC or 
something. I'm not sure but I think Word can handle comma separated 
text-files. It's easy to create those in PHP. 
If you want to CREATE Word-files (for download or whatever) you should 
think it over. Word reads Rich-text and HTML too. Perhaps you can 
create a VB6 apl that creates a wordfile. You'd have to buy VB6 
It is possible to create Word documents in RTF format "on the fly" - 
even if you are running PHP - http://paggard.dlight.ru/rtf_gen/
Wow! It even does Tables! Thnx