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Why does my key event handling for NN4 not work on Linux?

Sep 13th, 2000 03:55
Hatto von Hatzfeld, Martin Honnen,

Key event handling with NN4 on linux (maybe other unix platforms as 
well) is totally unreliable and better avoided.
don't seem to fire at all, the same handlers for text fields and text 
areas fire but unreliably and the text field/area's value is not 
correctly reflected into js.
There doesn't appear to be a general workaround but keep using js1.1 
onchange/onblur handlers for form input handling on linux.
In some situations however (when it's not necessary to associate a key 
press with a certain text field) it may be a workaround to set the focus 
into a text field and to get the events by document.onkey*. If you call 
the same function by document.onkey* and by the corresponding handler of 
the textarea you should have a solution which works on other browsers,