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Is there a command in Perl to Auto execute the cgi ? for exe: each day it auto run the cgi 1 time

Aug 28th, 2003 04:06
Colin Thomsen, Humberto Costa,

There is no specific way to tell a PERL script to invoke itself. The 
task of running a PERL script depends on the operating system.
In the notes below, I assume that you want to run the CGI script on 
the same computer as your web server. If you want to run a CGI script 
on another computer once a day, you can use similar methods but 
instead of running the script directly, you'll need to make a http 
request to the right page.
For Linux/UNIX, you can schedule an automated run of a CGI script 
using CRON (or another scheduling daemon). Refer to 
For Windows, you can make a scheduled task to automatically run the 
CGI script.
Note that in both cases you will have to make sure the paths are set 
correctly and that the script is run as the web user.