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will testing with dreamweaver work or do I have to upload the page to the server?

Feb 25th, 2008 23:59
dman, PHP Man, Dan Stockton, DarkFlib, Eric Holm, http://www.ttnr.org

PHP is a server-side script, therefore it needs to be interpreted by 
the server to work properly.
If you try running it locally (on a machine without PHP) then the 
output will not include your source only. 
for example
echo "<html><head><title>hello world</title></head>";
echo "<body>Hello World</body></html>";
would display as above from dream weaver.
but like this if accessed via a server
<html><head><title>hello world</title></head>
<body>Hello World</body></html>
I hope this helps explain it to you.
(added: ) 
supposedly, ultradev (with some extensions from the dreamweaver 
exchange) has the ability to parse php code (however, I just installed 
apache on my machine and still use a notepad :)
if you want to run php at you pc use apache server.