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What interfaces are available between Python and Java?

Mar 2nd, 2000 16:36
Sean Blakey, http://www.vex.net/parnassus

The most famous interface is jpython (http://www.jpython.org), a 
complete implementation of Python in Java.  This allows you to call 
Java classes directly from Python code, embed Python code in Java 
classes, and compile Python scripts into Java byte-code.
There are also some efforts to access Java from cpython (The standard 
python interpreter) through the JNI (Java Native Interface) PyJava, 
http://students.cs.byu.edu/~butler/jni/PyJava.html provides some MS 
Windows-specific binaries for this.  The JPI (Java Python Interface, 
http://www.ndim.edrc.cmu.edu/dougc/jpi/Home.html) is a similar binary-
only distribution available for Solaris 2.5, Windows 95/NT, and Irix 
Unfortunately, these projects both seem to be bandoned without publicly 
available source code.  The PyJava site has not been updated since 1997 
and the JPI site, although it does not mention any explicit dates, 
makes no mention of later operating system releases (Solaris 7, Windows 
98, Windows 2000).