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how to creat 2 buttons on each page that onclicking resize IE browser to fullscreen and normal?

Apr 6th, 2008 19:18
ha mo, Colin Fraser, nilux linux,

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Microsoft have already worked out how to
do this, why should you duplicate what they have already done? I am not
trying to be discouraging of your willingness to experiment, but why this?
Look at it this way, a user has their browser setup the way they want
it. They do not want to use it in any other way, so you providing a pair
of buttons that allow them to switch between the two modes is something
of a nansense, for them. 
In another perspective, the more code you place on a page, the bigger
the page is. The bigger the page is, the longer it takes to download and
in a lot of places in the world, bandwidth is still a major issue and
will be for decades. 
In yet another perspective, the more code on your page, the greater the
chance of something going wrong, so why bother? 
As for me, I am a minimalist, applying the old principal of less is best. 
Good luck..