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How can I search a database for part of a string?
How do I use LIKE in a query?
What is the wildcard symbol in SQL?
How to speed up a like??
How to create an query that uses like and or that doesn't take forever to return reuslts?
How to create an or query with using a like?

Jun 27th, 1999 17:27
Nathan Wallace, Web Boy, Ben Udall, Adam Whitehead, Nick Talbott

To do substring searches you can use:
$result = mysql_query("
    select * from schools where code LIKE '%$search%'");
NOTE: % is the SQL "wildcard" symbol
This will find all rows in the table schools where the column code
contains the string stored in the variable $search.
Careful though, LIKE is quite slow .. and LIKE %abc% queries cannot be
indexed with MySQL.