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Can JavaScript generate a listing of links to all files in a directory?
Using the server-side javascript example to generate a directory listing, the page returns the full

Mar 3rd, 2000 00:56
Martin Honnen, Gary Pooley,

For client side JavaScript the answer is no, server side JavaScript has 
access to the web server's file system and can easily generate the 
links for a directory listing.
The only thing client side JavaScript can do is load the directory url 
in a (hidden) frame or layer and if the web server generates a 
directory listing traverse the document.links array. This is of course 
of limited use as the web server already needs to serve a directory 
listing. The following is an example which uses a hidden frame in a 
frameset to generate a listing of the directory url passed in with the 
query string e.g. save the document as
and load for example 
function collectLinks () {
  var links =
    dirListing.document && dirListing.document.links ?
      dirListing.document.links : new Array();
  return links;
function writeLinks () {
  var links = collectLinks();
  var d = main.document;
  for (var l = 0; l < links.length; l++)
    d.write('<A HREF="' + links[l].href + '">' + 
             (links[l].text ? links[l].text : links[l].href) + 
var url = location.search ? location.search.substring
(1) : 'about:blank';
var html = '';
html += 
 '<FRAMESET ONLOAD="writeLinks()" ROWS="100%, *" FRAMEBORDER="0">';
html += 
 '<FRAME NAME="main" SRC="about:blank" SCROLLING="auto" NORESIZE>';
html += 
 '<FRAME NAME="dirListing" SRC="' + url + '" NORESIZE SCROLLING="no">';
html += '<\/FRAMESET>';
All that is limited of course to directories on the same server the 
page is loaded from.