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How to post the results from HTML form to an ASP in a seperate popup window?

Mar 20th, 2002 10:40
Nathan Clute, Saravpreet Minhas,

<a href="#" onclick="WindowOpener('newpage.asp?value=&<%=rs
("something")%>&');"><% =rs("something")%></a>
Nathan: Depending on how much stuff you are passing to new window, you 
may want to consider the following: 1) for one or two variables: as 
above, in new ASP window do a Request.QueryString("value") to reach the 
value in new page 2) for several variables, including textareas / 
fields, you need a form and submit button.  New ASP window can do 
Request.Form("itemName") for each item on the form of original HTML 

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