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Is it possible to change the browsers margins in Page Setup with ASP

Jun 8th, 2002 20:16
Wes DeMoney, Ian Quittner,

Technically, the answer to your question is NO. ASP can only do its 
work on the server by executing code and outputting HTML (or whatever 
file format specified). After that, its shipped to the user and 
displayed in the browser, where client side script, such as Javascript 
is run. I don't believe that Javascript will do what you are looking 
for either.
Now, what you can do is use tables and cellpadding values, or CSS to 
change the margins that the page is shown in. Cellpadding is specified 
in the main <table> tag, and the CSS property is "margin"
Sample 1:
<table cellpadding="15">
    <td>some data</td>
Sample 2:
<style type="text/css">
body {
margin: 50px;

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