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How can I use PHP as a FTP client?

Jul 19th, 2004 23:30
Alder Rus, Daniel Stenberg, Bob Schader, Nathan Wallace, http://www.directoryonclick.com , http://www.singapore-yellow-pages.com

If you get the ncFTP 3.0 beta package, it comes with two small apps:
ncFTPPut & ncFTPGet. These can be called from the command line to PUT 
GET files using the ncFTP client.
You may use cURL via Exec().  This tool also supports HTTP PUT/GET/POST
and HTTPS (and GOPHER).
If you want something that is built into PHP, rather than using exec()
then check out:
I have tried searching under the above URL at 
and have found no reference to anything todo with PHP. - R Schader