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how to send mail by ASP. Need to installed anything? What is ASPMAil and CONTS?

Jun 28th, 2002 00:53
Ivan Lanin, joanna tan,

You have to use ActiveX Component to do this.
If you're using ASP in WinNT or Win2K Server, you have CDONTS component 
installed by default (unless you customized your Windows installation. 
You could send mail by using CDONTS.NewMail object like this:
set o_mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
o_mailer.From = "[email protected]"
o_mailer.To = "[email protected]"
o_mailer.Subject = "Test"
o_mailer.Body = "Hello, how are you" &vbCrLf& "I'm testing send mail 
function of CDONTS"
set o_mailer = nothing
You could also use other component like ASPMail to do this. Consult the 
component manual on how to do that.

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