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In my search engine result outputs, how can I make it to show page title?

Feb 27th, 2008 00:03
dman, Nick Brandt, Nick Tucker, http://www.ttnr.org

I assume that at some stage you open and index/extract data from a 
page, to get the title from that page you can use the code below:
// Get the webpage into a string 
$html = join ("", file ("http://www.altavista.com/")); 
// Using eregi 
eregi("<title>(.*)</title>", $html, $tag_contents); 
// Using preg_match (faster than eregi) 
// The i in the end means that it is a case insensitive match 
preg_match("/<title>(.*)<\/title>/i", $html, $tag_contents); 
// $title now contains title, 'AltaVista - The Search Company'
$title = $tag_contents[1];