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how do i parse a textarea in javascript?

Apr 6th, 2008 19:31
ha mo, Dave Clark, Kumar S, suzette quinton,

Can you tell me what do you want to do with the data/text entered into
the textarea. 
Want to check maximum length or else ? Posting a clear question will
help me to answer
     You may obtain the content of the textarea as follows:
var ele = document.forms['formName'].elements['textareaName'];
var str = ele.value;
     As for parsing that value, I would also need more information 
from you.  However, you can find the length as follows:
     You can also find out if the user created more than one paragraph 
of text (if the ENTER key was pressed within the TEXTAREA) as follows:
var ary = str.split("\n");
     From there, there are all kinds of string manipulation methods 
you might employ.
Take care,
Dave Clark