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Does Apache Web server have support for XML ??

Dec 24th, 2009 01:35
Hindusthan Jobs, forum net tr, osama said, i can do it, Kelly India, Jemmy wilson, Sreekanth S,

Looking back over the last six years, it is hard to imagine networked 
computing without the Web. The reason why the Web succeeded where 
earlier hypertext schemes failed can be traced to a couple of basic 
factors: simplicity and ubiquity. From a service provider's (e.g. an e-
shop) point of view, if they can set up a web site they can join the 
global community. From a client's point of view, if you can type, you 
can access services. From a service API point of view, the majority of 
the web's work is done by 3 methods (GET, POST, and PUT) and a simple 
markup language. The web services movement is about the fact that the 
advantages of the Web as a platform apply not only to information but 
to services. 
By "services", I don't mean monolithic coarse-grained services like 
Amazon.com, but, rather, component services that others might use to 
build bigger services. Microsoft's Passport, for instance, offers an 
authentication function exported on the Web. So hypothetically, an 
electronic newspaper like the Washington Post can avoid creating its 
own user authentication service, delegating it to Passport. 
Oracle's dynamic services whitepaper  provides other examples of 
component services that are reusable building blocks: currency 
conversion, language translation, shipping, and claims processing,  A 
more formal definition of a web service may be borrowed from IBM's 
tutorial on the topic.
Web services are a new breed of Web application. They are self-
contained, self-describing, modular applications that can be 
located, and invoked across the Web. Web services perform functions, 
which can be anything from simple requests to complicated business 
processes...Once a Web service is deployed, other applications (and 
other Web services) can discover and invoke the deployed service.
IBM's web services tutorial goes on to say that the notion of a web 
service would have been too inefficient to be interesting a few years 
ago. But the trends like cheaper bandwidth and storage, more dynamic 
content, the pervasiveness and diversity of computing devices with 
different access platforms make the need for a glue more important, 
while at the same time making the costs (bandwidth and storage) less 
Table of Contents 
�The Web Services Platform
Why bother with the Web, you say, when I've got my favorite middleware 
platform (RMI, Jini, CORBA, DCOM etc.)? While middleware platforms 
provide great implementation vehicles for services, none of them is a 
clear winner. The strengths of the Web as an information distributor, 
namely simplicity of access and ubiquity, are important in resolving 
the fragmented middleware world where interoperability is hard to come 
by.  The Web complements these platforms by providing a uniform and 
widely accessible interface and access glue over services that are 
efficiently implemented in a traditional middleware platform.
Viewed from an n-tier application architecture perspective, the web 
service is a veneer for programmatic access to a service which is then 
implemented by other kinds of middleware. Access consists of service-
agnostic request handling (a listener) and a facade that exposes the 
operations supported by the business logic. The logic itself is 
implemented by a traditional middleware platform.
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