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How can I protect my computer from hackers and other intruders while surfing the web?

Nov 12th, 2008 04:55
gaurav sabharwal, Taksh Verdhan, marine Jone, Deepak Sharma, Kagan (Kai) MacTane, Choo Hoo,

When surfing the net you should always use a firewall. ZoneAlarm, a 
good and reliable one, can be found at; you can also get
BlackICE Defender from Unfortunately, these products
are only available for Windows platforms.
For Linux, you don't need to download anything else; Linux comes with
iptables, an excellent piece of software that does firewalling and much
more; for documentation on how to activate and configure it, see the
firewall-HOWTO at the Linux Documentation Project (
Hopefully, someone can suggest a Mac firewall.
However, note that a firewall DOES NOT offer complete protection. Email
viruses, for example, will pass right through any firewall, because
they're carried by the email itself. (The only way a firewall could 
an email virus is by stopping ALL email.) Similarly, the Nimda virus 
able to spread from an infected Web server to any machine running 
versions of MSIE by exploiting a flaw in IE; a firewall could not stop
this without blocking your ability to see all Web pages.
The solution to such problems? Use secure software, such as Netscape,
Opera, or Mozilla. Keep your security patches up to date. And configure
your email program NEVER to execute attachments unless you deliberately
trigger them. Then, THINK before clicking on an attachment: if it's not
one you specifically asked for, don't run it. Even if it comes from a
friend, it's possible your friend got the virus and it emailed everyone
in your friend's Address Book.
You might want to try anonymous surfing to protect your privacy too - 
esp if the sites you are surfing are collecting your data. Try options 
Although You will not be able to surf secure sites this way
The best way to protect from hackers and viruses is to have a good 
Firewall and an updated and latest version of a good anti virus.
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