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How do I get PHP3 to work with Roxen?

Mar 6th, 2000 01:31
Peter Ohlerich, http://www.roxen.com/faq/howto.html

This is not an answer I found out, but a copy of the Roxen faq. I think
it is quite useful to have the answer here:
---- snip ----
How do I get PHP3 to work with Roxen?
1.) Add the following modules: 
- CGI executable support 
- PATH_INFO support 
- Redirect Module v2.0 
2.) Get the php3 code appropriate for your computer and operative system 
from http://www.php3.org/. 
3.) Put the php3.cgi binary in your /cgi-bin/ directory. 
4.) Add the following redirect pattern in the Redirect Module: 
    /(.*)\.php3(.*)$      /cgi-bin/php3.cgi/$1.php3$2
-> That's it. 
That should work, if you have compiled PHP3 with the right options.