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where can i download a reference of differences between JavaScript commands in IE &NN ???

Apr 6th, 2008 19:39
ha mo, jsWalter, Colin Fraser, peter lukáč,

4-12-2002 W Torres
The only source I have found on this topic is a book, it is not 
   Pure JavaScript
   Second Ed
   R. Allen Wyke, Jason D. Gilliam
   SAMS Publishing
Exellent book. Easy to read. With CD.
I am not sure that there is a complete reference, anywhere. I suspect
that in most cases, the major variations are so well documented that
they are almost common knowledge, and there are so many minor variations
and incompatibilities that it would be impossible to collate and publish
them all.
Any number of references can be found here in FAQTS, some may be minor
but many major differences are covered here as well. There is also a
site called "The Dynamic Duo" that has a pretty good way of
differentiating between the major browsers, there is a link to it on the
questions page, as well as general cross-browser scripting tips and
tutorials. The W3C Schools also cover the topic fairly comprehensively. 
If you want to see a fairly detailed resource, and I suggest a lot of
people would love to, why not hunt for them and ask people to email you
with problems and solutions if they have them, or maybe just problems or
just solutions, for you to build a full cross browser problem reference
site. This would be a wonderful project that would keep any interested
party busy for a very long time, updatebale every time there is a new
version of IE or NN, and something that goes back to the early days of
this problem. However, it is a fairly involved project, and I may
suggest you get a lot of support for it before attempting it. You may
want to discuss it with FAQTS' Martin Honnen, he may have a number of
suggestions for this and a lot of resources, as well as a number of
links that might be helpful. 
Good luck..