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how 2 create a <DIV>,floating over a documet,which'll stay at the same place when I scroll the doc .

Apr 6th, 2008 19:40
ha mo, Colin Fraser, peter lukáč,

Try this code at :
This is a sliding menu, but it stays in one position on a page, on the
left hand side.  You should get the idea how it works, even if it is
somewhat obscure. From there it is a short step to preparing your own.
BTW, this is copyrighted, so acknowledge where you got it from if you
use it. 
Those floating divs are somewhat passe these days, everyone does one
sooner or later, I would give you mine but I dropped it and I cannot
find the code. Besides, for me, the more things that are put on a page
only means more things can go wrong with it. Adopting a minimalist
approach is not necessarily a bad thing. 
(In this sense, minimalist means the absolute minimum to get a task
done, with a minimum of fuss. Why use a scrolling div when a simple drop
down will do? Too much code increases the size of your page and slows
its download. But you are designing the page, so you please yourself)   
Good luck.