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I am trying to set up a Prompt that will have multiple entries. ie:image, border, align

Apr 6th, 2008 19:46
ha mo, Colin Fraser, D Keaton,

There is only one way of doing this, use a form. However, I can think of
no reason to actually do this, unless you wanted users to be able to
modify a page to suit themselves, in which case why re-invent the wheel?
Users already have a certain ability to set their browser window up to
suit themselves. 
There are any number of different ways of presenting a page, and giving
the user too much control is certainly one of the least attractive, for
me anyway... If you want to create a situation where users can set once
to personalize "their" page then you are better off using something like
PHP or Java and a form to send data to a MySQL database, but there
should be a cookie that identifies the user and triggers code in the
main page, maybe in all pages on your site that retrieves user preferred
values from the database, then implements them... I doubt Javascript
would be the most efficient language to do this in... 
I wont write this code, because it is far too big to do it here..
besides that, this seems to me to be something that hold a certain
attractiveness but not really practicable in terms of the page itself..
so unless you have a specific need to do this, and are being well paid
for it, I would  suggest you review your basic design with a critical
eye as to what is really required and what you would like..   
Good luck....