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How to install PHP in windows xp?
How to install and run PHP in windows?
How to install and run PHP and MySql in windows xp?

Nov 27th, 2008 14:33
healthy man, dman, i can do it, nobel khandaker, Ben Udall,

To install and run PHP in windows xp (and win 95, 98, me, 2000, NT4), 
go to www.phpgeek.com and then download and install "PHPTRIAD". This 
software will install the Apache server, MySql server and PHP in a 
folder name "Apache" in your computer. The installer will also create 
a program group icon. When you want to use PHP, you have to 
start "Apache" and "MySql". But there is a little bug here(for win 
xp). To start apache just click on the "start apache" inside PHPTRIAD 
in the program menu. But do not use the "start MySql" to start the 
MySql server, instead, start the MySql server by clicking 
the "winmysqladmin" which is in the 
directory "c:\apache\mysql\bin\winmysqladmin".
Once both the Mysql and the Apache server are running, open your web 
browser and in the address bar type "http://localhost"   and you will 
be amazed!!!
To write and test webpages, save the web pages in the 
directory "c:\apache\htdocs" and then type the address in your 
webbrowser as "http://localhost/your_file.php"
***I assumed that you have installed PHPTRIAD in your c: drive. If you 
have installed it in another place, the specified paths above will be