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Binary files get couupted when uploaded with a php script - even if content-type is specified. Why?

Apr 2nd, 2008 23:44
dman, Justin Dalrymple, kara _, http://www.ttnr.org

You are probably using PHP4.0.4pl1, uploading to a Mac-based server, 
most-likely Yellow Dog Linux.
The content-type is prepended to the uploaded file. To ASCII files, 
this does not present a problem [other than printing the content-type 
when the file is viewed], but to BINARY files; it simply corrupts the 
If you open the binary file uploaded using a TXT viewer, you will 
notice the content-type on the very first line of the file.
If you run PHP on your local machine, you should upgrade PHP to version 
If you are accessing PHP remotely, from your web host; Your best bet is 
to encourage your web host to upgrade to PHP4.1.2, which is the latest 
RPM available for YellowDog Linux.