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Must I install more httpd to run multiple daemons? Why not one copy and read different httpd.conf?

Jun 21st, 2002 00:20
Jc Imbeault, yeap yeap,

Your question is not very clear. I'll try and guess what you *really*
mean to ask.
If you install and run Apache it will automatically start as many httpd
daemons as necessary to handle the load on your web server. You only
need to "install" and "run" Apache once, Apache will take care of
spawning extra httpd children.
I have no idea why you are talking about different httpd.conf files
though. If you want to have more than one web server running and each
one uses a different conf files that is possible also but of course they
must be listening on different ports or different ip addresses if the
machine is multi-homed. To get each different server usea different conf
file you need to specify the conf file as a command line arg when you
start each Apache.