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Hot to get the Flash Object's dimension before load on page?

Apr 6th, 2008 20:01
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Davide Longo,

No, for a number of reasons but essentially what it boils down to is
that the calculations are just too complex for someone to have done, and
I suspect Javascript is not the preferred language here. 
What you may want to consider is "Can I control the size of the flash
object in either my Javascript or my HTML code?"
The object tag allows the use of both height and width attribute, as
does embed, so there is no reason for you not to be able to control the
size of the flash object.  
My own comment on the subject of flash though is I no longer use it on
my personal pages, I felt it slowed down page loading. My company
refuses to allow flash on its site, for a number of their own reasons,
bandwidth is just one btw. Sites can be just as tacky using things other
than flash. Most importantly, you just cannot be sure that the user has
the right plugin version to run your flash movie, and they may not
appreciate you automatically trying to get them to download the right
plugin just to run a flash movie they may not be interested in when what
they really want to see is there on your site. That just annoys people.
Good luck.