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refresh javascript sources when file or date are changed

Apr 6th, 2008 20:01
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Lior Peleg,

Trying to make sense of this question is somewhat difficult, however, I
will try to make a general answer to some rather general thoughts about
Javascript that could be implied from what you have written. I am sure
there are a number of other people who also write here could add a lot
more to what I am saying.   
Javascript is a scripting language that does some things, recently,
extensions to the essential browser technologies have allowed an
extension to Javascript capabilities, and not all of them are to the good. 
Javascript started out as a way of enhancing a web page with some 
interactivity, or applied rolling graphics or a popup.. some easily
scripted effect giving a little depth to users experience.. the problem
is that too many demands are being made on Javascript, some people are
now looking for Javascript to do a lot more. 
A couple of the real issues has been for authors to get a measure of
control over high level browser functions, and file handling
capabilities. Why people want these things is beyond me, it is a very
dangerous thing to want too much, high level browser functionality will
take too much away from the user, automate too many functions and other
 matters that should be the province of the user, which will cause
problems for too many users. The assumptions about what the user wants
and needs, by authors, are always very different than the actual wants
and needs of the user. File handling capabilities are a very different
thing, they can allow the very clever script writers to take over
computers, intall unwanted "features", introduce viruses and a whole
range of other security related problems, none of which I want, let
alone anyone else.
I know this is a little long winded, so I will end it by saying that  it
is impossible to refresh your Javascript sources automaticaly. That
ability would imply a file handling capability, something beyond
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