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how to get data from form, by clicking button action

Nov 19th, 2003 01:40
Robin Paardekam, Manjunath Naik, http://www.paardekam.nl

Can you please be more specific? I can't really tell what you mean. 
When I read this question I start thinking about JavaScript, rather 
than ASP. 
Using JavaScript you'll have to retreive all form-elements using some 
kind of function and then add the follwing eventhandler to the button:
<INPUT TYPE="Button" VALUE="ClickMe" onClick="getAllFormElements()">
The function "getAllFormElements()" must be defined in the header of 
your document. I haven't got the time to add the function right now, 
but I guess you can find that easily by searching FAQTs of by using 
If this isn't the solution you're looking for please reply. I'd like to 
think along for your problem.
Best wishes,
Robin Paardekam

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