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How can i uninstall PHP4.0 ??DELETING folder, givesmeassge 'Cannot find php4isapi.dll,may be in use'

Mar 1st, 2008 04:09
dman, Articles Hosting, TeraZen, Amit Dhasmana, http://www.ttnr.org

Well, it means that the DLL file is currently in use! ;-)
Try closing all of your windows explorer that are displaying the file
and shutdown Apache (Win32) or any web server you're using.
If it don't works, shutdown the service by going into Start-
Configuration Panel->Administrative Tools->Services (Assuming you're
using Windows XP).
The last resort is to boot in DOS using a old bootdisk
(www.bootdisks.com), and deleting the file manually... But be warned
that there's a 99% chance that there will be an error on your next XP
boot - it won't find the file used to start the service!
(You can also start Windows in safe mode - if you're using Windows XP,
try pressing F8 at bootscreen)
delete all folders,dll,phpmyadmin files