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Multiple check boxes with same name.How do i get a tooltip when i place a mouse over a checkbox.

Jul 9th, 2004 04:50
amal k m, Deepak Bansal, Rachit Bagda, Deepak Kumar Vasudevan, Arsen Yeremin, devi movva, http://www.rtnasia.com

    You can use the TITLE attribute and set a text that needs to show 
up when mouse is hovered over the checkbox. But that might not work  
with even Netscape reliably.  Consider using OVERLIB Javascript 
mouseover effect for this tooltip purpose.  The tooltip code is 
available at:
and it is a simple .js file and a function call like
onMouseOver="overlib('some text',CAPTION,'some caption')"
onMouseOut="nd(); return (true);"
Hope this solves your problem...
The latest Netscape versions supports all DHTML & Javascript functions 
that the I.E. can do.