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How do I send anonymous mail using Python on Windows ?

Jul 16th, 2002 09:23

Michael Chermside, Stoyan Domatov

Sending mail is not generally a feature of a programming language. Of
course, Python can be used to do this... some great email programs have
been written in Python, the premier example of which is Mailman
But the key to sending mail is having someone to send it to. Sending
mail depends on having an email gateway  - someone to accept your email
message and pass it on. Most email gateways will NOT accept annonymous
emails, because 98% of the time the anonymous mailings are abused to
send spam. Even if the owner of some gateway decides that they WILL
accept anonymous emails, spammers usually find them quickly and start
abusing the system. After that, other email providers stop accepting
messages from that gateway (stop "peering" with it), and then it is no
longer useful.
So if you are an individual, don't expect to be sending anonymous
emails... it's an ability which is quickly being stamped out due to
abuse. And if you DO find a gateway willing to forward anonymous emails,
then DON'T abuse it, and DON'T tell anyone about it (or it'll get abused
by someone else soon.
And if you DO need to handle email from within Python, check out the
documentation at
(http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-email.html) -- it should
be quite helpful.

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